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Basic mountain course

The basic mountain course is the ideal course for people who want a fun, adventurous holiday and want to have the perfect jump start to their flying career! Paragliding Holland has been organizing 6 day beginner courses in the mountains with great success for more than 30 years. Hundreds of paragliding pilots have already preceded you and have made their first flights with us. You too can glide down between the mountain peaks and experience this unique experience!

Our beginner mountain courses take place in Bassano (Italy), in Meduno (Italy), in Lijak (Slovenia) or in Ahornach (Italy). These locations are characterized by good practice fields, beautiful takeoffs for beginners and advanced pilots, and large, safe landing areas. Ideal for our courses.

In our courses we cover amongst other things:

  • Introduction and equipment knowledge
  • Teaching a perfect starting technique
  • Meteorology and weather forecasting
  • Safe landing and the landing circuit
  • Exercises in the air: making turns, flying an 'eight', flying with the brake, descent techniques, etc.
  • Theory of flying

At the end of each day there is an evaluation of the flying, take-off technique, exercises, landing, etc. The ultimate goal of the course is to make your first altitude flights (of at least 300 meters), to do your first exercises (making ears, pendulum exercise, etc), being able to fly a correct landing circuit and mastering the forward starting technique. And with a bit of luck you can already taste some of the thermals!

Our beginner courses include:

  • Equipment rental: we use the most modern flight equipment
  • Small groups and individual guidance
  • A logbook with detailed training plan
  • Theory lessons about flight practice, aerodynamics, meteorology
  • Theory exam for License 1
  • KNVvL theory book: free to download. (Only in dutch for the moment)
  • Personal liability insurance
  • ...and of course an awful lot of fun!

Attention: if it is flyable, then Paragliding Holland will fly! Regardless of the time of day: If we have to get up early or postpone dinner for a few hours to be able to fly, we will do that. That sounds obvious, but it often isn't. We will do everything so we can to let you fly as much as possible and a have a great week.


Registering for a basic mountain course is easily done online. Have a look at our program overview for the dates of our mounain courses and the number of places available, then click on 'book online'. After registering you will receive additional information about the first day of the course by e-mail.


6 day basic mountain course:
incl. guidance & equipment rental
€ 775
Also have a look at our price list 

Additional costs

  • Cost of travel and lodging
  • Local transport to the takeoff points
  • Local takeoff and landing fees

Herefore visit our location pages.

Video mountain course

 Locations basic mountain course

Meduno - Italy

Meduno is a sleepy town on the south side of the Dolomites. Flying is beautiful! A beautiful large takeoff place, spacious landing areas and excellent conditions for both beginners and advanced pilots. We will spend the night in a cozy Agriturismo for a favorable price. With a swimming pool and of course Italian food!

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Bassano - Italy

For many pilots Bassano is the most popular flying spot! The Montegrappa massif has 5 different takeoffs with two spacious landing areas. The location on the south side of the Alps usually makes for beautiful flying weather. The area combines perfect flying conditions with delicious food and Italian culture like no other.

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Lijak - Slovenia

Lijak is the ideal spot for beginners! The spacious take-off and mega landing are perfect for making your first mountain flights. Due to its southern location on the edge of the Alps, it is usually good flying weather in Lijak and you never have any problems of a strong valley wind. In the evenings there is usually a wind from the sea so that even beginners here regularly have long can make flights!

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Ahornach - Italy

Ahornach is beautifully situated on the border of the Alps and the Dolomites in a side valley of the beautiful Pustertal. A great flying area with beautiful views, good flying conditions and Tyrolean "gemütlichkeit". We stay in a small Gasthof where it is wonderful to stay. We have a range of flight sites and landings available!

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