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Program towing courses

All information about our basic towing course can be found here. In order to book a basic towing course, simply click 'Book online' at the desired date.

Pilots which have already completed a basic towing course, or pilots with mountain experience are always free to visit us when we are towing. These basic towing courses are for beginners.

Apart from these dates we regularly offer follow up ground handling days. These are published via our newsletter or flying forecast. You can only take part in those if you have already started a basic towing course.

Program basic towing courses 2023





01 04 and 05 February 5 places available Book online
02 04 and 05 March 4 places available Book online
03 01 and 02 April 5 places available Book online
04 06 and 07 May 7 places available Book online
05 03 and 04 June 6 places available Book online
06 16 and 17 September 7 places available Book online
07 14 and 15 October 8 places available Book online


Choose you own date?

If you want to participate with 5 or more people in a basic towing course and you wish to come on a different date than our scheduled courses, we recommend that you our office. In consultation we can then plan a day that suits you (during the week or on weekends).