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Flying forecast

Tandem flight in the Netherlands

Flying is a dream of many! Thanks to the paragliding sport, this oldest wish of mankind has become reality. For those who want to experience such a thing without any preparation or specific training Paragliding Holland offers the opportunity to make a duo-flight (a tandem flight) with an experienced and competent instructor. After just a few steps the winch cable pulls you into the air and your flight starts. Around 200 to 300 meters you disconnect and you can fly around as freely as a bird. The duration of your flight is mainly determined by the presence or absence of thermals (rising air) and can vary from a few minutes to half an hour, unfortunately we do not control that. Either way we guarantee you an unforgettable experience !!

Please read the text below and frequently asked questions carefully before calling or emailing us with questions !!!

Do you want to give a special present?
If you want to give someone a tandem flight as a present, you can order a tandem flight gift voucher in our webshop. Payment is very easy via iDeal. The price of the voucher includes shipping costs.

How can I arrange a flight?
To fly with us, you need to arrange two things: Your reservation and your payment. Both are explained below. You should also keep an eye on our Flying forecast: due to the weather dependency, we do not decide whether to fly until 08:30 on the day itself. See the paragraph “general information” for more on this.

We work with a winter and a summer season. Depending on the season, a different method applies in terms of reservations, flying days and location.

Summer season (April until October):

  • In principle, we fly every Saturday and Sunday and usually one weekday.
  • During this period it is necessary to book a tandem flight for the weekends through our online reservation system . You can do this weeks in advance.
  • For weekdays you can only make a reservation in the same week from Monday evening. Read the Flying forecast for the relevant week. There is a link with which you can reserve your tandem flight for the weekday.
  • Location: we fly exclusively in Houten during this period.

Winter season (November until February):

  • We regularly fly on weekends and sometimes during the week. In the winter the weather is more changeable, more difficult to predict and therefore less easy to plan for us.
  • Every Monday evening we announce at the Flying forecast on which days we plan to fly, this applies to both the weekend and the weekdays.
  • So you can NOT book weeks in advance like in the summer.
  • If we have flight plans, you can only make a reservation from Monday evening. Consult the Flying forecast for the relevant week. There is a link with which you can book your tandem flight for a day.
  • Location: we fly exclusively in Terlet during this period.

Besides the fact that we would like to know when you would like to fly, we would also like to receive payment from you. A reservation is therefore not proof of payment.

You can choose from three payment methods:

  • a tandem gift voucher from our webshop (of which the issue date at the time of the reservation is less than two years ago)
  • a gift certificate from Surprise Factory (of which the valid until date has not yet been reached at the time of your tandem flight)
  • cash or card - appropriate payment on the spot

When you come to our location to make your flight, you always take three things with you:

  1. your gift voucher (the original voucher - we cannot accept a copy or scan) or cash/card (see prices) to pay for your flight
  2. € 3 cash/card for the farmer (see below)
  3. proof of your reservation (you can bring that on your phone)

General information:

  • Every Monday evening we publish our flight agenda for the upcoming week at the Flying forecast.
  • On the day of your flight you have to check our website from 8.30 am at Flying forecast (top right of the website) whether it is flyable and whether there are any special circumstances. Always check just before you go, we may have to cancel during the day if the weather changes differently than predicted.
  • In addition to the cost of a tandem flight, every tandem passenger has to pay a cash contribution of € 3 for the farmer whose land we are using.
  • We never fly on Mondays. We also do not fly in the month of March.
  • Our terms and conditions apply to our tandem flights

Tandem voucher almost expired? If you have a SurpriseFactory voucher that will expire soon, you can send it to us by post. We will then send you back a PaHo voucher that is valid for another two years. For an explanation of this procedure and all other questions, see our frequently asked questions.


Tandem flight in the Netherlands: € 60
Farmer contribution
(pay on site):
€ 3

Reserve your flight online

Reserve your tandem flight through our online reservation system.

Frequently asked questions

  • My voucher is about to expire...?
  • How do you know if we are flying?
  • Where do we fly?
  • How about parking?

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 Towing fields of Paragliding Holland

Towing field Houten

Our towing field in Houten is centrally located in the Netherlands and in the midst of beautifull agricultural fields and river landscape. The view from the air across the fields and the river Lek is stunning!! The towing field is around 1km long, which means that your flight will be quite high. The relatively dry surface of the land can give us with some good thermals during spring and summer time.

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Towing field Terlet

In the period of 1 November until the end of February we fly on the beautifull and huge airstrip op Terlet. This field is generally used for towing sail planes and offers us various towing fields varying in lengths from 1000 - 1400 meters. Which field we use depends on the wind directions and will be clearly marked at the entrance. The view from the air is beautifull and there is a restaurant right next to one of the air strips.

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